5 March 2020

HSBC Singapore commits to having more women in senior roles

HSBC Singapore commits to have 40% of women in its most senior positions and 50% of women in managerial positions by 2022.


Tony Cripps, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Singapore said: “Having a diverse workplace is an absolute priority for HSBC Singapore: it lifts performance by embracing different perspectives and it’s simply the right thing to do for our people. Today’s announcement is all about working towards this commitment. But that’s easier said than done so we will also be developing a structural framework that seeks to remove barriers and encourage equal opportunity.”

Brandon Coate, Head of Human Resources, HSBC Singapore: “We’ve always aimed to be fair in our hiring and promotion into senior positions which will continue to be merit-based, but having a gender target and making this commitment public, holds our management team more accountable. It will ensure we are ever-focused on widening and deepening our female talent pool to drive diversity through every level of our organisation.”

In Singapore, HSBC has implemented new initiatives in recent years to increase awareness of the importance of gender diversity, and to support women to move into more senior roles.

  • HSBC launched the Singapore Executive Committee Female Sponsorship programme to supplement Group-led female leadership development programmes.
  • In 2019, HSBC prioritised flexible working to support all employees to work when and where they are most effective allowing employees to balance personal and work commitments.
  • HSBC’s Balance Employee Resource Group (ERG) – run by a group of local employees who actively take part in events and activities that promote gender equality – introduced Balance Ambassadors comprised of senior leaders in the Bank who are expected to take a proactive role in challenging policies and processes; and the Balance Male Ally programme to foster a culture of inclusivity and support across all levels of seniority.
  • HSBC’s Balance ERG also organises internal and external events – together with partners such as the Financial Women’s Association – to drive better awareness on topics such as challenging male and female gender stereotypes.