We’re digitising at scale

In Singapore, we’re innovating at speed and scale to deliver digital-first banking for our customers as ASEAN’s international bank. As a launchpad for innovation, HSBC Singapore is focused on developing and piloting new digital solutions which serve our clients’ present and future ambitions.

Innovating to help clients grow their business and manage their wealth

Our digital innovations are putting the full power of our bank in every customer’s pocket, whether you’re a first-time saver, a budding start-up, or a multi-national business.

Digital banking for large corporates

Our platform, HSBCnet, provides a centralised overview of your business finances and helps you better control financial risk wherever you trade.

Supporting international businesses

Explore our cutting-edge digital platforms that help international business open up a world of opportunity.

Digital banking at your fingertips

Banking, investing and more. You can register for digital banking in just a few steps. All you need is your SingPass or HSBC Debit/Credit card.

HSBC in the news

What it takes for new economy businesses to thrive

The new economy is fuelling our global economic growth. But one thing that will be instrumental in its success is funding.

For financial services, the digital revolution is just beginning

New technology has made it easier to access financial services, but in many cases the services are still traditional. That is about to change.

HSBC Singapore’s enhanced focus on digitising at scale

In line with our strategy to innovate and deliver digital-first banking across our network, we have been utilising several technologies.

Technology explainers

Find out more about key technologies that are shaping financial services.

The potential and pitfalls of Central Bank Digital Currencies

CBDCs have enormous potential, but as with any disruptive new technology, they must be designed with caution to ensure that the costs of change do not outweigh the benefits.

Web3: It’s time to level up

In the new world of Web3, a digital version of you can buy your own land, watch your favourite musicians perform live – or perhaps visit a virtual exhibition and buy some digital art.

Tokenisation: Driving financial innovation and conservation

Digital tokens are set to transform assets and asset ownership, creating new investment opportunities, such as ‘net zero gold’.