We’re committed to a net zero future

In Singapore, we play a leading role in mobilising the transition to a sustainable future. Our business has an impact on our customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, investors, and the wider community we serve. Being sustainable means that we take into account the issues that matter to all our stakeholders while helping to open up a world of opportunities.

Our approach to sustainability at a glance

What steps are we taking to become a net zero bank? How are we helping customers to transition to a low-carbon future? How do we future-proof the communities we operate in and better their lives? Find out more in the video above.

Realising Singapore’s ambition to become a Little Green Dot

With Singapore accelerating its net zero ambitions, the finance sector, wider business community, and government will have to move at pace to deliver on the nation’s transition plans.

HSBC and Temasek launch partnership to catalyse sustainable infrastructure projects in Asia

Our new debt financing partnership with Singapore-based investment company Temasek ambitions to dispense over US$1 billion of loans within five years.

Sustainability at HSBC

Investing in a sustainable future

We’re helping our retail customers understand the importance of sustainable investing and the opportunities available.

Supporting a sustainable lifestyle

We’re helping our consumers make more sustainable food choices and live sustainable lifestyles that are also good for the planet.

Providing sustainable finance in Singapore

We’re supporting companies across all sectors to decarbonise by providing them with sustainable and transition finance solutions.

Our global commitment to a sustainable future

As an international bank, we're committed to providing financing and shaping the policy agenda to accelerate the transition to a global net zero economy.

Supporting communities

At HSBC, we have a longstanding commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate.

HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance

Discover how we are transforming the economy and strengthening the financial system's response to climate change.