30 November 2021

HSBC co-develops new digital platform with MAS to combat financial crime

Named COSMIC, the platform aims to prevent money laundering and financing of criminal activity.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), along with HSBC and other major commercial banks in Singapore, announced on 1 October 2021 that it would introduce a digital platform for financial institutions (FIs) to share with one another relevant information on customers and transactions to prevent money laundering and financing of criminal activity.

The new digital platform, named COSMIC, for “Collaborative Sharing of ML/TF Information & Cases”, will enable HSBC and other FIs to securely share information on customers or transactions, where they cross material risk thresholds.

Co-created by MAS and other banks in Singpore, the platform operated will have strong security features to prevent unauthorised access to information. MAS will provide in legislation that this information sharing is permitted only for the purpose of combating money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation financing (PF) [1]. COSMIC participants will also be required to implement robust measures to safeguard against authorised use and disclosure of COSMIC information.

Jamil Ahmed, Chief Compliance Officer, HSBC Singapore, said: “Since 2015, HSBC has made significant investments in new and upgraded systems to help detect, analyse, and mitigate financial crime. COSMIC will allow us to further build on our existing capabilities to do so. With a network spanning 67 countries and territories, we already have in place safeguards to ensure that any information shared across borders is done so securely and in accordance with our data sharing processes and prevailing regulatory requirements. HSBC is pleased to have co-created COSMIC and look forward to our continued collaboration with MAS and fellow participating banks to bolster our defences against financial crime.”

MAS plans to launch the COSMIC platform in the first half of 2023. HSBC, along with the other five banks involved in COSMIC’s development will participate and be permitted to share information in COSMIC during this initial phase.

While COSMIC will initially focus on three key financial crime risks in commercial banking, namely, abuse of shell companies, misuse of trade finance for illicit purposes, and PF, MAS plans to progressively extend COSMIC’s coverage to more FIs and focus areas and make some aspects of sharing mandatory.

Following a month-long public consultation period which concluded on 1 Nov, MAS looks to further refine the proposed legislative framework for COSMIC as well as the platform’s features.

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