13 September 2018

HSBC Singapore to relocate its headquarters to MBFC

CEO Statement by Tony Cripps, Group General Manager and CEO of HSBC Singapore

I’m really pleased and excited to announce that HSBC Singapore will be relocating its head office to Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) Tower 2, within the Central Business District, by April 2020 to accommodate the company’s rapid growth plans.

HSBC at Marina Bay Financial Centre

HSBC is one of the oldest banks in Singapore and we are committed to growing our presence here, so the move to MBFC is a real statement of our intentions. The decision to move to MBFC – a pre-eminent location – is a logical next step in our growth strategy and will enable us to further service current and future clients.

We will be investing substantially in this new workplace to create an environment that is conducive to collaboration; encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset; and trigger new ways of working for our employees.

HSBC in Singapore will undergo a number of workplace and cultural changes that will transform the way our employees communicate, engage and work with each other. The new space will not only reflect our company goals but also focus on delivering quality service to all our customers.

HSBC will also have signage rights for the building and will occupy the top floors of the 50-storey building.

This announcement follows our March launch of HSBC Singapore’s three-year strategic plan which focuses on supporting our clients across eight strategic priorities:

  1. Grow our domestic retail business
  2. Scale up Singapore as an international wealth hub
  3. Scale up our support of Small and Medium Enterprises
  4. Invest in our digital capabilities
  5. Capture international trade and investment flows with the rest of the world
  6. Grow Singapore a wholesale hub for ASEAN
  7. Capture the infrastructure and Belt and Road opportunities underway within ASEAN
  8. Support our clients in their transition to sustainable business practices

More recently at HSBC’s global strategy update in June, Singapore was one of only eight markets amongst HSBC’s 66 countries that was classified as a ‘scale’ market into which Group investment will be channeled to support material growth.

As a scale market, Singapore is key to the Group’s growth plan. Our new premises will ensure our workplace, operations and technology can meet the requirements to carry out this business expansion, and reflect our ambitions in the market.

This is an exciting time for all of us at HSBC Singapore and our forthcoming move marks a huge milestone for the company, its employees and customers who will all benefit from the opportunities this expansion presents.